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2/3″ 5 Megapixel Fixed focal lens f=25mm
f=35mm F/1.4 (Model:JHF35M-5MP)
Fixed focal lenses compatible with 2/3″ 5 Megapixel camera
High transmission maintains from visible ray to near infrared region by AR mutliband coatig
The Iris adjustment is accurate and easy to handle.
Low image distortion,ideal for FA/image processing applications
It provides a Lock Screw fitted as the standard equipment in Focus and Iris.
Model No. JHF35M-5MP
Focal Length 35mm
Maximum Relative Aperture 1 : 1.4
Aperture Range F1.4 – 22
Angle of View
× Vertical)
1/3″ 7.8° × 5.9°
1/2″ 10.4° × 7.8°
2/3″ 14.3° × 10.8°
Image Size 8.8mm×6.6mm(Φ11mm)
Minimum Object Distance 0.25m (From Front Vertex)
Resolution 3.45μm
Optical Distortion -0.04% (at near) , 0.071% (at far)
TV Distortion -0.01% (at near) , 0.031% (at far)
Back Focus 14.027mm (in Air)
Flange back 17.526mm
Operation Focus:Manual , Iris:Manual
Operating Temprature -10℃ – +50℃
Mount C-Mount
Filter Size 49mmP0.75
Size Φ51 × 62mm
Weight approx.230g

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